Hollender race


I signed up for my first short handed race in the shorthand class of the Hollender race.

I signed up single handed but then my brother Kristoffer joined me.

We did well in the start with very little wind, but then we did an error , we were to far out from the shore and the boats that went more inshore picked up a little bit more wind so we were doomed.

After many hours we decided to brake. A bit disappointing but as always small victories under ways.


Færder Race 2014

The Færder race was interesting with spinakker start and spi all the way to Tristeinene. The weather forecast was nice but in the night the wind should increase to almost 30 knots. I was going into a state of survival mode from before the start i must admit. I was determent to bring the boat and crew through the coming night with hours of upwind sailing in 30 knots wind. The reach down to Tristeinene went pretty well and we were in a good posision after rounding but then we wwent down the drain. In the beginning it went very well. Check the instruments at 2 minutes in the video. But then the wind increased and we needed to reef.  It was immensly hard to keep the boat in a god groove and theere was also waves and a strong curent agianst us. I did not dare to go deep enough into the archipelago. I did not want yet another grounding. The survival mode did not do any good to our results but we survived with only minor damage to the mainsail. Many other boats were not that lucky.



Skagen Race


The 2014 Skagen race was wonderful though we didnt make a good race. We had upwind problems in the start which destroid a bit of our chances. But the reach down to the last mark before the last leg was good. But we missed a gennakker. At a certain time the wind turned bak and some of the boats we were compeeting against hoisted assyms and off they went, We had to wait a bit to hoist the spi and we never managed to catch them. An assym would be great. Our spi-legg from the last rounding  there was ok and now the genakker boats were struggling.  I think we could have pressed on more by pumping the spi and cutting up to get the boat into more surfs. Looking back we were a bit passive. Our top speed was more than 13 knots. We had some fantastic very long surfs, i would say it actually planned for periods. The boat handles very well and is very stable at high speeds when planning. we had three jibs during the leg and two went well one did not go so well and the spi boom pinched a hole in the main sail. But this was an easy fix with some sail foil. 16 hours from Åsgårdstrand to Skagen is anyway not bad.

After a night in Skagen and a wonderful breakfast we sailed back home through the night and a nice south westerly breeze.


Reaching leg along Swedish coast


The spi leg crossing over to Denmark


Back Home


Finally the boat is on the water and we are sailing her back home to Tønsberg.

We have doen a lot of extra work besides the repairs. Changed rudder bearings, new autopilot and plotter.

The engine was sanblasted and painted, the keel was profiled. Thousends of little details fixed.

Work in Progress

The work on the boat is slowly progressing and by now the hull is fixed and better then before.

DSC 0024_small


The keel is sand blasted and ready for epoxy and filler


DSC 0038_small