Sætre Kruset was our last race this spring.

We started with very little wind and the wind came from the north so it was a spinnakker start. We noticed the local hero in his Safir and a Soling i recogniced fromlast years went all the way very close to the shore of Håøya. We followed.

After rounding the south end of the island we had a very good period and closed the gap between us and the leaders. We went to the west of the sound wich only a few other boats did. This turned out to be a mistake though the Mumm 36 that went exactly the same way just minutes before us seemed to do very well. There was a strong current against us so we tried to kiss the shore for every tack. though we ended up a period in the middle when crossing back over the sound. But at that stage the wind stopped close to the shore and our possition was an advantage, but by then the Safir had escaped this closing door as he did with the two next ones, the northerly turning point and even the westerly turning point. in both cases he increased his lead while we were stuck in the decreasing winds, we really felt like somebody smashed the doors in our face.

Well we ended third in our class and fifth over all which is actualy not bad. But sometimes the sun, the heat and still makes it unbearable to keep concentration. So parts of this race were causing great suffering.

Now we are looking forward to the autumn and Norwegian championship!


Lower that spi pole!!!!