tuesday 9. june

Top mark north-west of Husbergholmen. Wind 1-2 m/s south - drifting west. Elisa, Mona and Preben (part time skipper). Only one (shortened) race due to lack of wind.

We had a fairly good start with good speed over the line (althoug a bit down on the line and actually a bit further from the top mark it seemed). Managed to maintain speed with leading boats (we were in the lead). Did a tack to early at langøyene and suffered quite a bit because of this. To many tacks in the light conditions, but it must be mentioned we were a bit out of options due to the first early tack.

After rounding of top mark we hoisted the spin but it did'nt actually fly. The wind shifted and we hoisted the genua on our way down (so did everybody else).

We managed to catch up with the boats in front and where almost touching the boat in front of us. We tried to go on top, but it failed as the wind became to sharp and both boats "stalled" in the light conditions. Suddenly multiple boats was moving on top of us and it became very disturbing. Well, I decided to try and pass him on leeward (to late) and somehow it allmost worked! He got in over finish (a shortened race) a "fist" in front of us, so it was very close. I guess we should have done this much earlier, as we somehow managed to get a few fractions of a knot more speed on the boats in front (we did trim the sails franatically, well I was I guess). Mona had the rudder during my trimming exercise, which I believe was a good idea at the time - and the fine trimming in these conditions is very sensitive, and some experience is required.

Lessons to be learned: Never stop trimming in light conditions. Keep boat speed at all cost (remarks from the OS coach)! After rounding of top mark we never had more than 0.8 knots - somehow I see this as fun as well :-) We probably could have luffed the upwind boat to a stall and won over this boat with a fist or two (I guess was to inexperienced to figure that in the heat of it all).

We finished as 8th boat which could easily been 6th or perhaps 5th, if we (I) had focused on boat speed instead of (local) individual position.

Oh. I forgot to mention an important issue that we touched into last year. In very light conditions the spin boom can be on deck to ease the weight of the main boom. It allows the main boom to fly more easily - which in turn allows for more twist in the main sail, and which can translate into more speed very light conditions. There is a thin line of keeping the flow of air over both sails which is important. Some times the main must be flattened (very light conditions), and some times you could allow more depth in the sails. This is a matter of fine trimming and is a noble art.  

By the way. I believe we was 8th in the spring series in Oslo seilforening. Not very good, but not very bad either (19 or 20 boats total). With two races 2 positions better we could easily been at 6th place which is very close to respectable.

If vacuum is the absence of matter, why would you put so much of it in space?

Thanks to Elisa and Mona which are always eager to learn and focused on sailing well. Hopefully I'm not completely wrong all of the time!

Good luck at the Færder race! Beat them all!

Preben (very part time skipper)