tuesday the 2.nd June

Tuesday in OSLO sf was great. Elisa, Mona and Preben were crewing. We did a lot of right things and good boat handling and even an early strat were we had to go back. well we are in the fight :)

The two main things we learned was:

SPINNAKKER ROTATION!!! we had some beautiful jibs due to that the rotation of the spinn through the jib is going much better. Remember: rotate the spinn oposit of the way the boat turns and over-rotate! We even had an almost perfect gibe-take-down.

The other thing was that the instructor told me to trim the main with less twist under these conditions. I felt the difference immediately. Nice. some little progress on main trim this day.

We were number three for most of the first race but ened up number five, but this is great in this company.