I joined my first One-Star race. It was a pure pleasure but with some bumps.

I was working like an idiot through the ten hours race but did not manage to get a good result in the end. I think i made a tacktical blunder going more straight to the southern mark than most others. According to the sail data this was correct but somehow it turned out to be wrong. It also looke very good for a long while. Also it should be the right thing to do to beat the genakker boats but it did not work. Well usually if you think all others are wrong there might be a small chance its the other way around :/

I also had two cumbersome sail shifts. This did not help in the upwind leg. I was rigged with genua 1 because light winds where predicted after the spilegg and the rounding of the southern mark the wind did build and the big genua was not good any more. I shifted down to the number two but then the wind died and back up went number one.

Anyway it was great fun!