The 2013 Færder Race


The 2013 Færder race was a nice experience with a crew of six.

Preben, Siri, Helge Tor, Tore, Jan Arne and me.

The conditions varied form little wind at the start, building up and, for once, we were not stuck in the Drøbak sound. But the wind stayed and buildt. We were sailing with the new carbon genua 1 and i considered a sail shift before the narrow sound but delayed it and then it was too late, we had to sail through to wider water to shift to the genua 2. This was not ideal and we probably lost a bit on that.

(We need a little time on starboard tack to hoist the new sail before lowering the old)

But the biggest loss we had by going inside Bastøy. The wind died. After a while we picked up a new southerly wind gearing west and we hoisted the spinnakker. Magic moments sailing through Bolærne picking all the other boats one by one. Helge was happy with the spi sheats! a new spinakker trimmer was born!

The beat upwind back to Horten was freezing cold and i bailed out for a while in the bunk. (I missed the long planned Eberspächer heater)

Result: Not too good, number 22 of 28. I guess it was mainly because of being parked inside Bastøy (once more!). I swear i will never ever go there agin. It is punishing most of the times i tried it.

All in all a wonderful race and also the transportation of the boat to the new harbour in Tønsberg.