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TIKK-TAKK is a Beneteau First Class 10 from 1986.

Skipper Birger Sevaldson, crew Siri Hass Gjermundsen, Preben Borch and Jonas

Our home base is Bundefjorden Seilforening

We sail race in the area of the Oslo Fjord.

The FC 10 is a larger version of the First Class 8 with living confort except it lacks full staqnding hight. It has running backstays but also backwards swept spreaders so that we are not dependent on the backstays to keep the rig up except in very hard conditions. Then we will have reefed the main anyway so that the backstays run free from the sail.

When searching for our next boat with a low budget the criteria were as follows:

Price below: 300 000 NOK  (We ended far far below this, but some serious investments were needed....)

A relatively fast boat: LYS ~ 1.25

Adjustable for short handed sailing, e.g. roller furling head sail.

A good engine  : Yanmar 18 hp

Since there were no boats without running backstays in the range an advantage would be back swept spreaders.

Acceptable living comfort, preferably with heads compartment.

I ended up with the x-99, Two-Star 36 and the FC10 all types were for sale at the moment. I looked at all boats. The FC10 won the evaluation because of price, engine, rig, and living comfort, though this was traded with no full standup hight. The boat is modified with a closed heads compartement near to the entrance. The heads was moved form the front cabin which is a great thing if you think about all the akward things you can imagine with the loo right next to the pillow of somebody sleeping.... Who came up with this concept anyway?

The Two-star 36 was outruled after one glance. Too clumsy, complex and difficult to upgrade the interior and it had inline spreaders. it just did not have any appeal. The x-99 i looked at were nice, also the spreaders are swiped back a few degrees but far from as with the FC10. But this together with deckmounted checkstay system secures the rig quite well.  But the x-99 i found were to pricy and the engines are not as good as the Yanmar 18 hp. They were all equiped with 10hp buck, an engine with a notorious reputation. I think a reliable engine is a nice security feature even on a sailboat. Also, the x-99 being a one design class, modifications like adding roller furling for better short handed sail handling, would be against class rules. Though i loved the one design sailing in the Express class the x-99 one design class is sadly diminishing.