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Walnut Dinner Table 2009

This design emphasizes the social aspects. The narrow width with no inserts creates an intimate proximity.
It is also emphasized that the table will appear sculptural and interesting when not in use. The stools along with the table creates an interesting sculptural effect.
The narrow width with stools which go under the table means that it takes up little space.

The two 40 cm wide main sections are independent of each other and can be used individually, they may for example be set along the wall for drinks and snacks  if you need a dance floor. Stool may be used as small side tables or temporary shalves if stacked.
A table for social gatherings as well as everyday life for a lifetime and future generations. Even long evenings are comfortable around this table and back supports are not missed. The use is comfortable and it creates a warm atmosphere. Experience shows that it is easy to get to and from even with the benches.
The table can be split lengthwise and there may be one or two inserts.
Standard width is 80 cm, each section is 40 cm wide. With one insert the width is 120 cm. With two inserts the width is 160 cm. Simple and reliable system for the expansion of the table, all made in the same tree species.
The table's weight makes it very stable. Even overhangs are not a problem.
It comes with four stools and two benches for two with loose cushions upholstered in fabric or in whole cloth with an anti-slip coating.
The table is available in American walnut, solid wood. The planks with their natural width intact is planed and glued to 40 cm wide elements. The  table top will typically consist of two (max 3) solid wood planks glued together. This means that the tree is not split and glued. This implies a slightly higher risk of warping and cracking, but experience shows this is a small problem. The wood is dried for 8 weeks before use, and planed and in two rounds. Walnut moves a lot in the beginning but falls to rest quickly.
The tree's movement is considered a natural part of this table. Cracks and small innaccuracies emerging from small amounts of shrinking are also part of this. Empirically, this is a minimal problem.
You get a table in the living material with the marvelous pattern of the Walnut tree intact.
The table surface is treated as required with oil, wax or varnish.
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