Klubbmester in IOD Princess

Beneteau First Class 10 NOR 13592 Tikk Takk

2012 fifth place in Færder race LYS 1,25-1,27 (25 boats)

2011 Fifth place Langseiling Oppegård Seilforening (5/19)


Express NOR 162 FLAX

2010 Victory in OSF Autumn regatta and regional championship

2010 Victory in Sætrekruset

2010 Færder Express class 7th (worth mentioning with the fierce competition in this class)

2010 Second place in Bundefjorden Rundt Express class

2009 Third place in Sætrekruset

2009 Victory in Oslofjorden Rundt

2009 Third place in Bundefjorden Rundt,  Express class

2008 Second place in Nesodden Høstcup,  LYS 1,0-1,18

2008 Second place in Bundefjorden Rundt,  Express class


Minitonner NOR 3538 Spurven

2007 Victory in Oskarsborgcup

2007 Second place in Oslofjorden Rundt

2006  Second place in BSF autumn cup

2006  Third place in Nesodden Høstcup

2006  Third place in Ulabrand

2006 Third place Bundefjorden Rundt

2006 Second place in Sætrekruset

2006 Victory in Færder seilas LYS 1.07 – 1.12

2006 Victory in Oslofjorden Rundt doublehanded

2005 Victory in Bundefjorden Rundt