FLAX was an Albin Express owned and skippered by Birger Sevaldson from 2008 to 2010. Its home base was in Bundefjorden Seilforening in Oslo. The original plan was to sail in this class for five years but a spring storm in 2011 caused the boat to fall over while still stored on shore and damaged it badly especially in its keel fixings. I got a full compensation from the insurance company and started to look for another boat, this time a bigger boat. Flax was later repaire and should be sailing again in 2012.

Express is the biggest one-design class in both Norway and Sweden and despite the design is quite old it remains very popular and attracs very good sailors. The costs are kept down with strict regulations and the fact that almost the entire fleet is second hand boats from the 70 and 80ties.

We are fighting in the upper third of the Oslo fleet and have ambitions to advance to the upper half. In respit sailing we do a lot better with a many wins. (check results)

Regular crew is Siri Hass Gjermundsen and Preben Borch. We sail one crew short and some times double handed. We are so well coordinated that we skipped recruting another crew in 2010.