Færder 2012



The Færder Race is the biggest event for sailing in Norway. Every first weekend in June a large amount of boats are racing out of the Oslo Fjord. This year bout 850 boats started. The start was as exciting as every year despite the low winds. It was at times chaotic with big cruise ships making their way through the armada.

The race was a trial in patients for the first 10 to 12 hours. But we were really successful at finding the little wind that was there. We did not have high hopes though because we still lack a Genua 1 and the main sail is too small. Also we sailed short handed only the three of us.

We almost stopped in the narrow Drøbak sound but in a magic moment we got a small stripe of wind all for our selves close to the Hå island. We made over five knots while the rest of the fleet was virtually still. Magic! This helps us to catch the "train" of new wind that just started right north of Kaholmene. The wind picked up later and we in the end had a nice ride back from the windward mark all the way at Tristeinene. We made a few errors including loosing the spinnaker halyard up the mast two hours before finish. Still we made it to the fifth place in our class against 25 boats. We were super happy. The race took us about 24 hours.

BTW the video was shot with a Rolley 100 Action Cam strapped to my arm. Iprefere that over the Go procam i got. It is cheap and has simple interface that makes is much more useful than Go Pro in th middle of the action. and it has some sort of sound. Really bad, but sound it is. I am still searching for an even better solution though.