Oslofjorden Rundt 2012

Here a video from Oslofjorden Rundt 2012. The race was the 12th of MAy, (the watermark date is wrong)

Winds were over 20 knots and we were sailing at 10 to 11 knots. We gibed before the leemark but went into a broach that was pretty complete. Water in the cockpit) put recovered quickly without dropping the spinnakker.

We also tested the hardwind genua (nr 4). It worked quite nice.

And we put the new boom brake to the test. It works like a dream also as a preventer. Check 2:05. Jibing is now soft and nice.

Result was not so bad for us, 10 of over 20 boats in our class. Despite some errprs and messups.

Two boats got dismasted in the race.