A long way to go but some good attitude

Here is a update from this year so far. The startup with the new boat has been a story of many set backs and slow progress. It was "samling på bånn" as we say. getting your things together and start from the very bottom. Also the spring season was spoiled because of a vey tuff and enduring virus that hit me.

Further on we have had many breakages. first the furling broke in our very first regatta. it was blowing 20 knots. The former owner helped replacing. New sails were purchased. The spinnakker was far too small, the new one is 94 m2.

On the Hollænder race first the genua lead came out through the dekk and then the new furlex broke. Now we need to upgrade the furlex and repair the genua lead.

 Despite this we made it to a 17th place of 28. Also in the club races we start slowly to climb. We have yet to have a race without major errors, but boat speed seems to be improving slowly. It is peculiar though that in this beginners state we seem to be able to do well in the starts. Too well some times as the video below shows, but better be at the line when the signal goes and some times above than being far too late as some of the others.

Despite the resistance we have had great joy pleasure sailing :) this winter will be dedicated to boat improvement and to training. The boat will be in the water and available for a sail when ever the weather permits it.