OS May 26

Conditions: 1-3 m/s wind shifting from north-east to east - 13 boats. Top mark north-east corner of Husbergøya

Race 1:

Bad start - got to the line 8 seconds late. Did an early tack to get free wind and continued up to Husbergøya. This proved to be a very wrong move - to little wind. Rounded top mark as next to last which was the position after finsish. A race to forget!

Race 2:

A good start with good speed over the line, although we could have luffed the upwind boat past the start line as we had speed enough to allow this. We can go all the way up to the wind eye until the start goes. This would have left us with no overlapping boat and free wind. A bit fuss over the line with two boats bumping into each other, with a following protest. I guess the first boat was over the line to early as well - it was about a boat length in front of us. We almost managed to keep pace with the leading pack of 5-6 boats, and kept the trailing boats behind. On both down wind legs we should have continued a bit further before the gybe, to have more free wind after the gybe. It must be mentioned though that the wind was dissapearing, so the conditions was a bit difficult. Did a gybe downtake of spin on first leg which allmost worked - managed to pass one boat by the bouy but this was soon lost as the spin didn't get down fast enough, and it took time to build up speed again. Overall a fairly good race taking into account the inexperience of the crew and skipper - number 7 of 13 boats is quite well. A bit annoying that we lost the 6th position when a leeward boat (30 meeters down wind) managed to fly the spinaker when we didn't.