Bundefjorden Rundt

Thanks for a great day on the fjord.

And a great result. 5th overall of 35 boats.

The fight between the three leading express boats was great.

I made a video from some of the footage. Unfortunately the real action was not cought. But the video to my mind shows that we have a lot to learn. We should sit together and go through it. Basically the boat handling sucks :) sorry to say so but its the truth and i include myself in this. We need an instructor helping us to get the things right.

The good things is that we have boat speed to challenge the best in the club. On sailing upwind we are faster than the rest of the bunch. i will try to find out what is the explanation. The guyas at impuls say they dont know how we do it and they cant sail that high as us because of their genua. So it might be our genua that is cut flatter.

On the downside we have less speed on the reach and downwind. dont know why, we need to find out this