Finally some action

The tuesday sail in OSF was great. Fresh briese and real action. Wind was north-west probably 8 sek/m


Elise, Mona and Preben were crew. As always the olympic course sailing (pølsebane) against other Express is as cool as it gets. After a terrible Fuckup with the first spinn takedown in the first race the instructor in his RIB apparently felt sorry for us and spend quite some time to help us.

The best moment was when we were rounding the top mark after first leg in second race leading the pack. We were early going towards Nesodden. This was definitely the favourable side.

Our upwind speed seems good, the log hit actually 6.6 but it shows probably a bit too much.

To summarize some of the tips we got from the trainer:

1. spinn take down in these winds should be done with wind almost aft.

2. remove boom before take down

3.when sailing with spinn even in these winds he suggested to put weight forward to get the rear out of the water

4. Lifting the boom slightly lets you sail more downwind (platt)

5. The spinnakker trimmer is actually stearing the boa. When ever there is less pressure he/she should ask the driver to sail sharper. when there is a lot of pressure she should tell him to fall off. This should be contineaous communication.


I probably forgot stuff but maybe some of the others remember.

The onboard cam works fine only the sound is weird. it gets all the sounds from the hull and non from the air :)

download video here  >>>>>