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Publications within Systems Oriented Design, Digital Design and Design Research

Oslo School of Architecture and Design

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My research is within three fields: Systems Oriented Design, Digital Design and Research Methods in design.

The research within those three fields is based on three "arenas":

1) Teaching-based research and research-based teaching in the master level education at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), the Ålesund University College and other teaching and institutional collaboration.

2) Collaboration projects with or without external funding with companies and organisation and spatial experiments within the genre of art installations.

3) The collaboration and dialogue in OCEAN design research association has been central in many phases of my research activities.

The main approach is Research by Design.

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Sevaldson, B., Paulsen, A., Stokke, M. M., Magnus, K., & Strømsnes, J. K. (2011). Systems Oriented Design in Maritime Design. In RINA (Ed.), Systems Engineering in Ship and Offshore Design Conference. 2012 (pp. 13-26). London.

Sevaldson, B. (2012). Systems Oriented Design for the Built Environment. In M. Hensel (Ed.), Design Innovation for the Built Environment - Research by Design and the Renovation of Practice (pp. 107-120). Oxon: Routledge.

2010 "Systems-oriented Design and Sustainability" Sevaldson, B., HenselL, M. & Frostell, B. . In: CESCHIN, F., VEZZOLI, C. & ZHANG, J., eds. Sustainability in Design: NOW!, 29th October to 1st November 2010 Bangalore. Greenleave Publishers, 465-474. Proceedings

2010 "Getting Going - Research by Design" Morrison, A. & Sevaldson, B. .. FORMakademisk, 3.

2010 "Discussions and Movements in Design Research: A systems approach to practice research in design" .Sevaldson, B. .FORMakademisk, 3, 8-35.

2009 "Why should we and how can we make the design process more complex?" A new look at the systems approach in design.
In Shaping Futures, ed. Marianne Lie Berg, Oslo, Oslo School of Architecture and Design,

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2008 "A Systems Approach to Design Learning", Systemisches Denken und integrales Entwerfen, ed. Achim Menges, Präsident der Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main, Offenbah, Germany.
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2008 "Rich Research Space" in Form Akademisk:,

2005 "Developing Digital Design Techniques
Investigations on creative design computing
Doctoral Thesis
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2004 "Designing Time: A laboratory for time-based design"
Paper and presentation at the Future Ground conference in Melbourne, November

2004 "Ways of Working" >
Key note speach at the conference "Digitale Designprodukter" in Kolding January 2004

Computer Aided Design Techniques
Published in the Nordic Journal of Architectural Research, Autumn 2001

The Renaissance of Visual Thinking
Presented at the IT and Architectural Research Conference in Aarhus, April 2001
Nordic Association for Architectural Research

The Integrated Conglomerate Approach
Presented at the Doctoral Education in Design Conference in La Clusaz, 2000
Design Research Society.

Dynamic Generative Diagrams
Published at the eCAADe in Weimar, 2000

Research on Digital Design Strategies 
Presented at the "Useful and Critical" de
sign research conference in Helsinki 1999.
University of Industrial Arts Helsinki

Research Design in Design Research
Presented at the Cumulus conference in Rome,1999

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